Top 10 tips on deal-making on the Daft Springer Music Contracts platform

How do you create legally binding deals in minutes relevant and bespoke to your music project? How do you formalise the hire of your creative team from studio to PR, all incentivised on the success of your project?

Below are 10 top tips on how you can make the most of the platform. Please head to Daft Springer Music Contracts & create your music contract for FREE today.

  1. Sharing’s caring. Sharing revenues protects an artist’s rights, by using this platform you’re agreeing to share any revenues these rights will create.
  2. Don’t over-share! Most independent label services deals shouldn’t be taking more than 25% from an artist, if you’re sharing more than that you should question it.
  3. Manage your revenues. Traditionally managers would take 20% of an artist’s income, however, don’t forget that this would ‘traditionally’ be net from label costs etc, so actually, in Daft Springer, a manager may be getting a better deal – something to remember when agreeing your splits
  4. Time is a healer. California law recently passed a bill preventing labels from securing artists on deals for more than 7 years. Be careful not to be over-generous when sharing revenues with a supplier for periods of time.
  5. For free or not to be. Free isn’t a great currency and rarely gets the best results. Whilst we believe you should be looking for discounted fees in consideration of shares across revenues, free can be difficult for a supplier to agree to when there are overhead costs like studio fees etc.
  6. Team building. Daft Springer is an answer to you being able to afford a team that without revenue shares may be out of reach. By offering shared revenues across multiple revenue streams, you can reduce your upfront costs dramatically.
  7. Transparency is key. making the deal is great, reporting on it and making sure that any revenues are paid is golden and will ensure you have a trusted team who will work on more projects with you.
  8. Key facts. At the top of every agreement is a Key Facts area which outlines the terms of the deals you’re sending. Well worth having a quick review before sending.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask. Daft Springer is on hand to help you on the platform, just hit the chat icon on the bottom right-hand side of any of the pages and we will come back to you as fast as we can.
  10. Law and order. Currently, the contracts are based on UK law, albeit with global application. Stay tuned & make sure you follow us across socials to make sure you’re kept up to date with developments and changes at Daft Springer.