The right(s) debate

“By owning your master recordings, you keep creative control and you’re free to release your music however you want via whichever channels you choose,” says Paul Hitchman, President of AWAL.

10 reasons FOR selling your rights

  1. Don’t. 
  2. See no.1
  3. See no.1
  4. See no.1 etc…

10 reasons AGAINST selling your rights

  1. There is no need for someone to take an assignment of your rights for them to provide you with the service they offer. Yes reward them but you don’t have to assign, to agree on appropriate terms.
  2. You can be seen as a product – a name on an excel spreadsheet that will need to balance for you to continue.
  3. Any ‘advances’ you may receive in return for selling your rights is effectively a loan that YOU will be paying back!
  4. You have a much greater chance to keep creative control.
  5. It is your career and you need to be able to make key decisions without being compromised by onerous undertakings.
  6. You remain independent.
  7. Greater flexibility on who you work with and the direction you wish to take.
  8. You can create, mix, master, design, launch, campaign, distribute, contract and report from your desktop PC.
  9. By retaining the rights without long term debt attached, you are able to benefit from earnings for the long term. This could be your pension!
  10. You believe in your work.

Daft Springer enables artists to create legal music contracts with revshare deals. These are legally binding contracts that protect the artist who may agree to share in revenues, not rights, opening up a host of opportunities in collaborating with managers, producers, studios and label service companies.

Revshare deals make formal the economy of classic age-old barter. “I will reward you later with an upside in return for investment/work now”.

These deals were often not worth the paper they were written on, until now. Come and see why so many new and developing DIY artists are protecting themselves with revshare contracts created in minutes.